lgh in 2017

LGH in 2017


Each new year offers LGH an exciting opportunity to grow and become a bolder company with the same traditional values. Our marching orders for many years have been to continue

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4 Quick Tips About the Compression Load Cell


Manufactured by Straightpoint, the compression load cell is a highly accurate device that is used to measure weight or force in a number of different applications. They can be used to measure compression,

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How to Use a Turnbuckle


A greatly underused tool of wonderful convenience, turnbuckles have the ability to relieve you of a lot of stress during a challenging lift or rig. Primarily, turnbuckles are used when

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So Wait… What is D/d Ratio?


As you might’ve noticed, we refer to D/d Ratio quite a bit in some of our blogs and social media posts. However, there seems to be a bit of confusion

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Top 5 Misuses of the Minifor


The Minifor™ hoist is a lightweight portable power hoist which can be used for a number of lightweight operations and they typically come in two models: the TR30 and TR50.

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Top 4 Misuses of Beam Trolleys


The manual push beam trolley is used to move loads horizontally on beams, as well as used as a suspension point. In dealing with beam trolleys, a couple of different

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