Improving the Sling Angle


We often learn from our surroundings. By taking a page from other folk’s playbooks, we can start to appreciate new solutions to old problems. Standard rigging generally calls for two to

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Traditional Applications for the GRIPHOIST®


This week we’re showing off yet another piece of equipment to help you become more familiar with the one of the leading manufacturers of safety materials.  Designed by TRACTEL®, the GRIPHOIST® can be

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When to Use a Hydra-Slide


Deciding how to do a job and developing your rigging plan are often the most important parts of a project. There can be several different options and making an informed

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5 Top Misuses of Hydraulic Cylinders


In reality, hydraulic cylinders are simple to use, but most users of the equipment have not been properly trained on them due to their simplicity and instead, they’re trained to

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7 Safety Tips for CMod Modular Spreader Frames


 As with any piece of lifting, hoisting, jacking, or pulling equipment, there are several safety precautions and equipment guidelines you must adhere to, otherwise you could be putting yourself, your crew, and the success

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Which Sling Should You Bring?


The most commonly used slings for typical lifting projects are your standard wire rope slings and polyester slings. Each sling has its own pros and cons, but it’s not always

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Air Winches VS Electric Winches


Which Winch is Best in a Pinch? If you need a winch to help in the completion of your project, then you should know exactly which type to choose. Utilizing

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