When You Need to Think Inside the Box


Everyone in the industry knows about spreader beams and the versatility they provide on the job due to the overwhelming number of articles that cover every aspect of their usage

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Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Beta Hoist


When considering rental equipment, Beta Max High Speed Portable Hoists are an extremely versatile and invaluable tool on many different types of jobs, providing value both in terms of labor savings as

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Common Misuses of Come-a-longs


We’ve seen an increase in the number of come-a-longs, sometimes referred to as a lever hoist, that have been going out on rent lately, so this seemed like an appropriate

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Renting Saves Money


In this industry, the gear used to perform the lifts and moves on sites can have a tremendous impact on the result of any job. improperly maintained equipment or having

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Top 5 Misuses of Gantries


Gantry cranes are portable, lightweight, and affordable lifting solutions with sturdy A-frame design. Gantries have many great features such as height adjustment, span adjustment and the heavy-duty casters. As with

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What You Need to Know About Spec 8C?


New API Guidelines for Production Hoisting and Drilling Equipment. The American Petroleum Institute (API) just published its Publications Programs and Services catalog, an all-inclusive resource for all API practices and standards, equipment

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How To Inspect Wire Rope Slings


Wire rope is a machine. It’s a rather complex machine, actually. Its primary function is to move, which in turn is where it obtains its source of strength. And because

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