What Is Pythagorus Theorem

What is Pythagoras’ Theorem?


We’re glad you endeavored to ask. Discovered by the ancient Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, during 569-475 BC, the Pythagoras’ Theorem, also referred to as the Pythagorean Theorem, is a fundamental relation

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basic hoist operating practices blog post image

Basic Hoist Operating Practices


As with any type of equipment, there are standard practices to adhere to before you begin using it. Such is the case for any type of hoisting equipment including hand-operated,

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air filter blog post image

How To Use An Air Filter/Dryer System


An air filter system’s primary function is to help keep your air compressor operating at maximum efficiency. However, this accessory item sometimes gets overlooked when placing a rental order. Don’t

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snatch block

So… Which Snatch Block Do I Need?


There are various combinations to increase the lifting and/or pulling capacity with the use of snatch blocks or sheave blocks for wire ropes. However, not every combination can or should

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sling types blog image

A Guide To Standard Web Sling Types


There’s a variety of web sling types and it’s not always clear which one you’re going to need for your upcoming project. Here’s a simple guide that’ll help determine which

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platform truck

Getting to Know Your Basic Platform Trucks


Platform trucks can be a vital piece of your material handling equipment order, but sometimes they’re overlooked during the search for rigging and hoisting equipment. It’s important to know that

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