How StructSure Scaffold Reached an 0.58 EMR Rating

Every manufacturer loves getting solid testimonials from the people in the field that use their equipment, and BETA MAX Hoists recently received the type of testimonial that companies dream about getting.

 StructSure Scaffold & Insulation, a subsidiary of MHS Legacy Group, is based in the Ohio Valley.  They specialize in scaffold and insulation services for power plant customers during outages and turnarounds.

 Project Manager LA Guinther agreed to discuss how they have been using the Maxial Track Hoist System to:

  1. Improve productivity, and…
  2. More importantly to reduce their risk of accidents and liability exposure when working in power plant boilers. 

In addition, he provided some amazing photos and video footage from inside a 13000 MW boiler.

StructSure boasts a 0.58 EMR rating which is impressive for a scaffold company, especially one that specializes in challenging boiler work during outages.  LA states that they contribute a lot of that safety back to the Maxial Hoist. 

“I no longer have 40 sets of arms passing material up and down 10 hours a day…

How do you put a price on that…on reducing the risk of getting someone hurt?  You’re reducing manpower (in the boiler) so you’re reducing liability…”

LA also mentions the tremendous savings in labor costs that can be achieved and how he can better utilize his workforce with Maxials.  “On a hard dollar bid, I can be much more competitive with my numbers…I can pass those savings on to my customer”.

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