Traditional Applications for the GRIPHOIST®

This week we’re showing off yet another piece of equipment to help you become more familiar with the one of the leading manufacturers of safety materials. 

Designed by TRACTEL®, the GRIPHOIST® can be used as a hoist, a winch, a tensioner, a binder, ratchet, and more. Otherwise referred to as the TIRFOR® or the German Come-A-Long, the GRIPHOIST® employs the hand-over-hand motion principle. It’s portable and has a remarkable strength to its weight ratio.

A sometimes underutilized, yet outstanding piece of equipment, the GRIPHOIST® provides almost unlimited pulling length or lifting height with pinpoint accuracy in positioning loads (1/32’). But, in which applications can the GRIPHOIST® be suitably used? We’re glad you asked.

Construction, Public Works, Civil Engineering

Perhaps the number one application the GRIPHOIST® is designed to succeed in is construction. It operates well in moving and positioning formwork horizontally or vertically and it serves people well who are positioning sections of precast concrete beams. Lifting work platforms or suspended working platforms or dragging, general lifting, and guy rope tensioning are also suitable applications.

Pipe Laying and Jointing

Positioning of pipes for welding and jointing are ideal for the utilization of the GRIPHOIST®. It can also be used in laying concrete pipes and pulling them together, too. Underwater pipeline assembly also applies.

Steel Structures

Steel structures such as erecting large steel silos, plumbing, or aligning steel structures in general are ideal applications for the GRIPHOIST®.


The GRIPHOIST® serves industry applications quite well, too. It can be used for the typical installation or the removal of machine tools and presses, the loading and unloading of heavy equipment, and the lifting and pulling during maintenance operations.

Escalators and Elevators

The GRIPHOIST® can be used in the loading, unloading, and rigging of prefabricated escalators and the lifting and positioning of the cars and hoisting mechanisms themselves.

Electricity and Telecommunications

To further prove its usefulness in other applications, the GRIPHOIST® can be used to position transformers, erect mobile aerials and antennas, tension underground and overhead cables, and guy rope tension operations.

Other Applications

Oil and Chemical

Mines and Quarries

Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering

Rail and Road transport

Armed Forces

Fire Services and Civil Defense


As you can see, the GRIPHOIST® is one versatile piece of equipment because it can be used in a variety of applications and industries. What would you use the GRIPHOIST® for? Sound off in the comments below.

Want more information about the GRIPHOIST®? Download the GRIPHOIST® spec sheet or click here to visit the LGH GRIPHOIST® product page.

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