Maintenance 101: Use Oilers and Dirt Stoppers

So when was the last time you took the oil plug out of the bottom of your car and drove it around, expecting for the performance to increase?

Being part of the rental industry for as long as I have, I get it- nobody will take care of equipment that they do not own nor worked hard to save their shekels to purchase, when compared to a rental unit.

The simple fact is rental equipment has to be tough in order to survive all that you guys put it through. Ours is, and I am comfortable with refurbishing it when it comes back to me.

However, just as you would never remove that oil plug, you have to use an inline dirt stopper and oiler that is provided to you on our pneumatic equipment.

Now, don’t start thinking I am that neighbor that called the police on you when you threw a kegger in high school. I actually care. Consider this of whatever pneumatic piece you have; by not using the inline dirt stopper and oiler as close to the inlet coupling as possible, you are dramatically increasing the chances that the unit will stop working and potentially incur costly damage to the piece itself.

Think for a second of the ramifications. This will lead to your frustration, increased downtime, labor cost and your customer will likely raise an eyebrow as to why you are now off schedule. We can chat about this subject all day, but to bring it home, please use them at all times. The performance of the unit will increase, while eliminating all the negative listed previously. You have more important things to worry about, don’t let a simple one that can be controlled be one of them.

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