Talk About a Tight Fit: Mechanical Adjustments Crucial in CMOD Install of Air Handlers at Salk Hall

Talk About a Tight Fit: Mechanical Adjustments Crucial in CMOD Install of Air Handlers at Salk Hall

LGH recently worked with Ruthrauff Sauer in Pittsburgh, assisting on a renovation of Jonas Salk Hall at the University of Pittsburgh, the home of the School of Pharmacy and the School of Dental Medicine. Bob Snyder was the foreman on site, responsible for procuring the crane picks and equipment to be used. LGH rental representative Pat McPherson worked alongside Bob and his team, going through the project’s drawings and working to come up with the best possible solution.

Ruthrauff was called upon to set four assembled air handler units in various final locations around the building. In total, there were nearly 40 large sections and numerous smaller parts needing to be set in place over the course of three weeks.

None of the sections had a known center of gravity and each piece had different weights and dimensions. With four pick points per side, the use of a single spreader beam was not a possibility, and a 3-beam setup would have cost additional headroom along with added rigging weight. To counter that issue, LGH supplied a Modulift CMOD (corner modular spreader beam) unit with four pick points in total, allowing all eight lifting lugs to be engaged at the same time without the additional rigging.

Along with the CMOD setup, additional struts were included to allow for custom sizing to fit each individual section. To ensure each pick would remain level, four 12-ton sheave blocks were used below the beam along with four 5-ton hand chain hoists that were paired with 30-foot-long wire rope.

Utilizing this setup, the team had the ability to individually adjust the load at all four corners, which was imperative given the tight space constraints of the final location.

With only two inches of clearance on either side of the unit, there was minimal margin for error and the use of the CMOD along with the mechanical adjustment at the pick points allowed for each pick to be consistently and reliably place each unit in place while staying within the tight windows.

As a long-time customer, Ruthroff Service trusted LGH to supply the equipment needed to complete their project on schedule.

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