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LGH Supports Transplant Village

No other charity has personally touched our LGH family more than the Transplant Village. The Transplant Village was established to help families through the complications of needing an organ transplant. Among the many challenged by this haunting experience was LGH’s very own former president, Pat Fiscelli.


Diagnosed with a failing liver, Pat’s daughter, Annette, volunteered to donate part of hers to ensure her father’s survival. Ultimately, with his daughter’s invaluable donation and courage, Pat survived his ordeal.


Understanding the challenges Pat and his family underwent, the LGH family now donates and contributes to the Transplant Village, an organization that tirelessly strives to aid all patients whom are faced with the need of an organ transplant by offering financial resources, counseling, and more.


For more information on Transplant Village or if you’d like to contribute, please visit

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