Caldwell® Group

Founded in 1954, Caldwell® is the leading manufacturer of below the hook lifting solutions. They provide customers the best, most effective, quality material handling solutions available. Each order is thoroughly reviewed throughout the process by quality control specialists and again verified prior to shipment. Design quality is controlled by the ASME standards that are carefully followed and verified by the chief engineer. Material quality is controlled through stringent material requirements, in-house steel service center, and in-house precision machining equipment. Certified welders with over 110 years of combined experience produce the quality welds required to conform to ASME standards. Finally, prior to shipment, each order is inspected by a skilled quality control specialists.

Products Available for Rent:

Barrier Grabs | Girder Clamps | Spreader Beams (This item is a sale item only. Please view our catalog for information on ordering.) | Lifting Beams


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