Lakeshore Industrial

LakeshoreLakeshore Industrial is the leader in personal lifting platforms for cranes and fork trucks, under the trade name Custom Cage®.

Available in a wide variety of dimensions and capacities, the manbaskets of Custom Cage® are designed to be directly suspended from a crane hook or attached to a forklift. All Customer Cage® manbaskets are tested and certified to meet state and federal code prior to shipping and are readily obtainable in any size, shape, or material to meet your needs.

Manufactured in compliance with AWS D1.1 welding procedures, with high strength square tubular design. Custom Cages® are built in full compliance with OSHA 29 CFR Subpart CC Section 1926.1431 final rule and A.S.M.E B30.23. Our name speaks for itself Custom Cage®, we will custom design the cage that meets your needs, or choose from over 20 standard models.