Lift Systems

Founded in 1983, Lift Systems was the first company to commercially produce hydraulic gantry systems. Lift Systems then went on to produce and patent the modular 4 point hydraulic gantry design. Due to market demand and many other changes over the years, Lift Systems has evolved into a world leader for hydraulic gantry systems, mobile pick and carry machines, crawler mounted transporters, custom cylinders, and many other types of specialized equipment for the rigging, petrochemical, automotive, heavy equipment manufacturing, railroad, ship building, general construction, aerospace, defense, and power generation industries. Currently headquartered in East Moline, Illinois, Lift Systems has become world renowned for quality. To date, it is verified that Lift Systems has sold equipment in over 49 countries on 6 six continents.

Products Available for Rent:

Hydraulic Gantries | Load Equalizing Dollies | Electric Power Bar