With a state-of-the-art production facility and global distribution, Ropeblock is a leading supplier for the lifting and wire rope industry. Active in all major related industries, ranging from Mobile cranes to Offshore, Ropeblock can build on over 30 years of experience on a global scale. Their products are used in critical equipment such as port cranes, ship cranes, offshore cranes and platforms, dredging equipment, pendant structures, mooring systems and in the heavy industry. Both sub-sea as well as on the highest modern skyscrapers, their products operate successfully on every continents. LGH is supplied by Ropeblock with products that can meet the very demanding international regulations and standards, including, of course, all of our federal and local ones.

Products Available for Rent:
Snatch blocks (This item is a sale item only. Please view our catalog for information on ordering.) , Sheave blocks


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