BETA MAX Hoists and LGH have joined forces in a strategic partnership to better support the construction industry.

“LGH is committed to be the global leader in lifting solutions and BETA MAX Hoists provides us with the most trusted and respected hoist systems in the world,” Said Dan Pittman, Business Sales Manager of LGH North America. “This partnership is a natural fit and creates synergy that will provide exponential benefits to our customers. This allows both companies to focus on what we do best.”

BETA MAX Hoists President Tony Rowell explains, “Our mutual goal is to increase safety and efficiency on the job by delivering BETA MAX Hoists to where they are needed faster, with increased support. We are confident that this partnership will enable us to accomplish that goal and raise the bar on product availability, support and service.”

Together BETA MAX Hoists and LGH are Lifting Higher.



Electric Cable Hoist

Electric cable hoists are available in Scaffold Trac and I-Beam Trolley mounts. These hoists are simple to erect, extremely portable and highly versatile.

  • Capacities up to 1 ton
  • Lifting Speeds up to 80 ft per min
  • Available in 110V and 220V – 1 and 3 phase
  • Low running costs
  • High safety margins

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High Speed Wire Rope Portable Beta Max Hoist Specifications

Technical Specification
Capacity (lbs) Manufacturer Model Download Specs
400 BETA MAX Scorpio Plus XL Click here
600/1200* BETA MAX Gemini Plus Click here
600 BETA MAX New Yorker Click here
1000/2000* BETA MAX Leo Click here
1000/2000* BETA MAX Leo XXL
1000/2000* BETA MAX Leo VFD
1000/2000* BETA MAX Leo VFD XXL

Wire Rope Material BETA MAX Hoist Mounting Options

Technical Specification
Model Manufacturer Download Specs
Trestle/Monorail Mount BETA MAX
Scaff-Trac Mount BETA MAX
I-Beam Mount BETA MAX

Wire Rope Material BETA MAX Hoist Accessories

Technical Specification
Capacity (lbs) Model Manufacturer Download Specs
 400 Brick Fork BETA MAX
 400 Basket BETA MAX
 Capacities available Dumpster Bucket BETA MAX
 Capacities available Double Rope Kit BETA MAX
Counterweight Clamp Assembly BETA MAX

*Double Rope **Must be ordered 110V or 220V; cannot be field converted.

Maxial Track Hoist

This scaffold erection tool and material hoist, designed specifically for confined space applications, and up to 450lbs. net payload capacity. With this, a variety of baskets travel along lightweight aluminum track sections, attached to frame or systems scaffold. Safety features include upper and lower limit switches and a universal carriage-locking device, in case of cable breakage.

  • Lifting Capacity:450 lbs.
  • Operating Speed:80 fpm
  • Standard Lifting Height:250 ft.
  • Wire Rope: Up to 350’ of 3/16″ GAC, Up to 250’ of 1/4″ GAC
  • Track Sections:3’3”, 6’6″, & 9’9″ (23 1/2″ wide and only 3 lbs. per ft.)
  • Maxial Motor:110V – 1.5hp single-phase, fully enclosed, fan cooled
  • Controller:24V – A/C, Overload Sensing Device, Built – In Voltage / Amp Meter and system Status.
  • Indicator Lights: All BETA MAX Hoist Systems meet or exceed ANSI & OSHA specifications

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Maxial Track Hoist Specifications

Technical Specification
Capacity (lbs) Manufacturer Model Download Specs
450lbs BETA MAX Maxial Track Hoist Click Here



About LGH

Founded in 1990, LGH is North America’s largest single organization devoted exclusively to the provision of lifting and moving equipment for rent and sale. LGH provides hoisting, pulling, jacking, rigging, material handling and safety equipment available for immediate and safe use. LGH’s mission is to support customers across the globe with the safest and most reliable lifting and rigging gear, through continuous investment in our people, our equipment, and our IT systems. LGH – The Lifting Experts.

LGH US Website

Beta Max Hoists Website

About BETA MAX Hoists

BETA MAX Hoists is the industry leader in wire rope and rack & pinion hoist systems. Headquartered on the Space Coast of Florida, we help workers lift higher with trustworthy hoists, unparalleled training and support, and a team of innovative, problem-solving experts. With 35-years of proven capabilities, BETA MAX Hoists provide the smartest solutions for lifting materials and personnel on any multi-floor building project.