Air Bag Rental

MatJack high-pressure air bag rentals require only 1” clearance and easily lift up to 70 tons. These are used primarily to lift heavy weights with low insertion height situations (buildings, bridges, vehicle or structural rescue, load shifting, heavy truck or aircraft recovery, etc).

  • Capacity range from 6 ton to 70 tons
  • 1 inch maximum thickness
  • Sizes range from 10 square inches to 34 square inches

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Capacity (Tons) Manufacturer Model Download Specs
3.3 Mat Jack 103k Click Here
13 Mat Jack 113s
13 Mat Jack 113k
22 Mat Jack 122s
22 Mat Jack 122k
32 Mat Jack 132s
32 Mat Jack 132k
50 Mat Jack 150s
50 Mat Jack 150k
70 Mat Jack 170s
70 Mat Jack 170k
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