Air Skate Rental

Air skates seem to move heavy loads on a cushion of air, offering 360 degrees of rotation when compared with traditional machine skates. They move by using a specially designed air caster that slowly and evenly releases a thin film of air that floats the object, which typically range between 50-90 psi. If unsure if this will work for your next project, call us and we’ll help you with your assessment. Typical system air requirements use between 60-525 scfm, at 25-50 psi.

  • Low Profile – easy insertion under loads, typically without additional load jacking.
  • Low Friction – less force required, as compared to conventional material handling products, for omnidirectional maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Damage – can circumvent floor or load damage. Floating your load on a cushion of air distributes the weight over a wider surface area, decreasing floor loading. In addition, vibration-free movement for sensitive loads equates to less calibration.
  • Flexibility – configures for multiple load footprints and varying weights.
  • Vertical Lift – built-in, but minimal so the load to be moved is still low to the ground, requiring less space around the load during the move.
Load Module System Specification
System Capacity (lbs) Manufacturer Model Download Specs Add to Cart
25000 Air Float AF01017-4KIT Click Here Add to quote inquiry
37500 Air Float AF01017-6KIT Add to quote inquiry
33000 Air Float AF01020-4KIT Add to quote inquiry
49500 Air Float AF01020-6KIT Add to quote inquiry
50000 Air Float AF01024-4KIT Add to quote inquiry
75000 Air Float AF01024-6KIT Add to quote inquiry
85000 Air Float AF01030-4KIT Add to quote inquiry
127500 Air Float AF01030-6KIT Add to quote inquiry
125000 Air Float AF01036-4KIT Add to quote inquiry
187500 Air Float AF01036-6KIT Add to quote inquiry
210000 Air Float AF01048-4KIT Add to quote inquiry
315000 Air Float AF01048-6KIT Add to quote inquiry
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