Compression Load Cell
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Compression Load Cell Rental

Highly accurate device that is used to measure weight or force in a number of different applications. They can be used to measure compression, tension, bending or shear forces. Can be used for a broad range of industries including steel fabrication, ship building, structural weighing, shipping and general transportation, to aid in calculating the total mass and center of gravity. Note: Requires the use of a wireless handheld display or wireless software package giving the capability of a license free transmission range up to 800 feet.

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Product Description

110,000 Lbs. – 330,000 Lbs. WN Series Specifications


Digital Load Links Technical Specification
Capacity(Lbs) Manufacturer Model Download Specs Add to Cart
110000 Straightpoint WNI50TCU Click Here

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330000 WNI150TCU

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Software package Specifications

Rugged Wireless Tablet Technical Specification
Frequency Manufacturer Model Download Specs Add to Cart
2.4GHz Straight Point SW-MWLC100 Click Here

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