Floor Crane Rental

Floor Crane Rental

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Reversed base eliminates front leg straddle problem. Accessories include: barrel grip, floor lock, plastic wheels, power-pak and e-z steer.


Product Features:

  • Meets Ruger’s engineering standards of 150% structural overload of maximum rated capacity.
  • All counterbalanced units are built to exceed 125% stability factor.
  • Double action hand pump for quicker and easier lift.
  • Built in hydraulic overload relief valve. Needle type release valve permits pinpoint control over lowering or holding of the heaviest or lightest loads.
  • Adjustable built-in telescopic boom.
  • Steel casters with roller bearing wheels.
  • Swivel hook with safety latch and chain for easy positioning.

Product Description

Floor Crane Specification

Technical Information 
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1500 RugerHP1500PClick Here

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