Master Link Rental

Connecting device, similar to a shackle. It can be used to make bridle slings. Ideal for use with crane hooks, since the depth of a crane hook is normally greater than the width. May be used for mechanical and welded sling assemblies.

Technical Specification
Size (in) Manufacturer Model Download Specs
0.75 Pewag A180 Click Here
1 A260
1.25 A320
1.5 A360
2 A500
1.5 M360
1.75 Crosby A342-1014388 Click Here
2 A342-1014404
2.25 A342-1014422
2.5  A342-1014468
2.75  A342-1014440
3.5 A342-1014529
 4.53 GN Rope Fittings SC1 – 12913500 Click Here
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