Maxial Track Hoist Rental

The Scaffold Erection Tool and material hoist, designed especially for confined space applications, and up to 450lbs. net payload capacity. With this, a variety of baskets travel along lightweight aluminum track sections, attached to frame or systems scaffold. The Maxial motor sets into the bask track section. The wire rope runs up along the track and wraps around a pulley on the sliding top section, then comes back down, attaching to the universal carriage. Safety features include upper and lower limit switches and a universal carriage locking device, in case of cable breakage.

  • Lifting Capacity: 450 lbs.
  • Operating Speed: 80 fpm
  • Standard Lifting Height: 250 ft.
  • Wire Rope: Up to 350’ of 3/16″ GAC, Up to 250’ of 1/4″ GAC
  • Track Sections: 6’6″, 9’9″ & 3’3″ lengths (23 1/2″ wide), Only 3 lbs. per ft.
  • Maxial Motor: 110V – 1.5hp single phase, full enclosed, fan cooled
  • Controller: 24V – A/C, Overload Sensing Device, Built – In Voltage / Amp Meter and system Status.
  • Indicator Lights: All Beta Max Hoist Systems meet or exceed ANSI & OSHA specifications

Maxial Track Hoist Specifications

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