Mechanical Jack Rental

The ratchet mechanical jack is operated with a lever and fulcrum principle, because it is used to lift and lower the load. Ratchet jacks can be used in place of cylinders, rams, or jacks with oil, when those are not a desirable solution.  Ratchet jacks are also able to sustain loads for long periods of time.

  • Oil Free
  • Positive stop
  • Low handle efforts
  • Holds the load indefinitely without creep down
  • Large base ensures a firm foundation
  • Up to 50 ton capacity

Save money and time with a mechanical jack rental from LGH!

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Mechanical Jacks

Capacity Per Pair (Tons) Manufacturer Model Download Specs
Side Hooks Top Hooks
5 10 Simplex 320B Click Here
10 20 Simplex 321B
10 20 Simplex A1029-R
10 20 Simplex A1029-L

Ratchet Jacks

Capacity (Tons) Manufacturer Model Download Specs
Supporting  Lifting 
5 5 Simplex 84A  Click Here
5 5 Simplex 85A
5 5 Simplex 86A
10 10 Simplex 1017
10 10 Simplex 22B
20 15 Simplex 24A

Super Jacks

Capacity (Tons) Manufacturer Model Download Specs
50 Simplex 5010B Click Here
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