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Minifor Rental | Hoisting EquipmentMinifor Rental | Hoisting EquipmentMinifor Rental | Hoisting EquipmentMinifor Rental | Hoisting Equipment

Minifor™ Hoist Rental

The Minifor™ hoist is a lightweight portable power hoist which can be used for a number of lightweight operations where portability is essential.

  • Unlimited length of wire rope
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Portable
  • Fast installation
  • 110V single phase
  • Pendant control
  • Test certificates supplied

Check List

  • What capacity do you need?
  • What height of lift do you need?
  • What power source is available?
  • Will any slings or shackles be required?
  • Will the test certificate be needed on site?
  • Will any other equipment be required to ease or speed up the job?

Also Known As:
Cable Hoist | Electric Cable Hoist

Product Description

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Technical Specification
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220TRACTEL®TR-10Click Here

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