Overhaul (Headache) Ball Rental

Heavy steel ball used to provide ballast on the hook end of a crane hoist rope. Overhaul balls supply the downhaul weight necessary to counter bearing friction and winch-to-boom-tip line weight. It can also be used in lieu of a winch. Split overhaul balls made up of two cast-iron halves which clamp to the line by means of bolts.

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Capacity Manufacturer Model Download Specs
50 lbs Crosby SHB-50 Click Here
100 lbs Crosby SHB-100
89 lbs Gunnebo Johnson OB 85 Ball & Pin
154 lbs Gunnebo Johnson OB 150 Ball & Pin
58 lbs McKissic® MB4T35 Click Here
102 lbs McKissic® MB4T85
162 lbs McKissic® MB4T150
109 lbs McKissic® MB7T85
216 lbs McKissic® MB10T150
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