Rol-a-Lift Rental

Our Rol-a-Lifts are ideal to handle large, awkward objects and heavy equipment that is difficult to manage and maneuver. They are also versatile enough to safely handle fragile, sensitive equipment such as glass crates, computers, electrical panels, and switchgear. These units contain top and side restraints in order to prevent slippage during movement.

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1 – 6 Ton Rol-a-Lifts Model Specifications

Model Manufacturer Cap. Per Pair (lbs) Download Specs
M-2 Skarnes 2000 Click Here
M-4 Skarnes 4000
M-4-6 Skarnes 4000-6000
M-6 Skarnes 6000
M-8 Skarnes 8000
M-10 Skarnes 10000
M-12 Skarnes 12000
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