Rotating Machine Skate Rental

The rotating machine skate, sometimes referred to as crazy skates, are designed for moving heavy loads, machinery, and equipment in the most versatile manner possible.

  • 360° Caster – The RT rotating machine skate is designed with easy turning casters that rotate in a full 360-degree circle on two heavy-duty tapered roller bearings.  The free-turning casters provide the highest level of maneuverability for those heavy machinery-moving jobs that require both precision and rugged tools.
  • Convenient Carry Handle – RT rotating heavy duty dollies are designed with a built in carrying handle that provides pinch-free handling.  The heavier RT models feature a wider handle that provides a method for two people to carry the rotating machinery skates more comfortably.
  • Recessed Spindle Design – The RT rotating heavy-duty dollies feature a spindle design that is recessed within the caster body.  This provides additional clearance on uneven surfaces when moving heavy equipment and machinery.
  • Handle – An optional handle and eyehook attachment is available.

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Capacity (Tons) Manufacturer Model Download Specs
4 TechimpexUSA RT-4 Click Here
10 TechimpexUSA RT-10
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