Roust-a-Bout™ Rental

Roust-a-bouts have a manual crank ratchet winch that allows one person to lift and place loads in tight locations. Various models of roust-a-bouts are offered with lifts of up to 25 feet and outfitted with large swivel wheels for easy positioning of loads.

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Model Description Manufacturer Download Specs
780300 R-100 Roust-A-Bout 15′ Top Height Sumner Click Here
780301 R-150 Roust-A-Bout 15′ Top Height Sumner
780302 R-180 Roust-A-Bout 18′ Top Height Sumner
780303 R-250 Roust-A-Bout 25′ Top Height Sumner
701060 R-100/150 Tee-Head Extension Bar Sumner Click Here
781061 R-180 Tee-Head Extension Bar Sumner
781062 R-250 Tee-Head Extension Bar Sumner
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