Spreader Beam Rental

MODULIFT® Modular Spreader Beam Systems

Unlike fixed-length spreader beams, the flexibility of the MODULIFT® spreader beam system means that even the most awkward loads can be accommodated. With almost limitless versatility, the spreaders range from 3 feet to 100 feet in 1 to 2-foot increments. Models include carrying capacities up to 1200 ton. Accessories for this system, such as corner units, shackles and slings are also available to rent.

Telescopic Spreader Beams

This is an adjustable spread beam that will provide a versatile solution for handling different size loads.  The telescope spread adjusts in 1” increments

Maxibar Spreader Beams

The LGH MaxiBar spreaders range in size from 12 feet to 60 feet long. The capacities range from 12 tons at a 24-foot span using a 4” compression cap size, to 350 tons using a 33-foot span with a 12” compression cap.

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Modulift® Spreader Beams

Modulift® Spreader Beams Technical Specification
Model Download Specs
MOD 24 Click Here
MOD  50 Click Here
MOD 110 Click Here
MOD  110H Click Here
MOD  400/110 Click Here
MOD  400/110H Click Here
MOD  400/250 Click Here
MOD  400/300 Click Here
MOD  400/600 Click Here
MOD  400/700 Click Here
MOD  1000/250 Click Here
MOD  1000/300 Click Here
MOD  1000/600 Click Here
MOD  1000/700 Click Here
MOD  1000/1200 Click Here

MaxiBar Spreader Beams

Technical Specification
Model Download Specs
4” MaxiBar Click Here
6” Maxi Bar
8” MaxiBar Click Here
10” MaxiBar
12” MaxiBar

Telescopic Spreader Beams

Technical Specification
Model Download Specs
32S-45-23 /40 Click Here
32S-50-15 /26
AD32000A-1PA Click Here
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