Swivel Rental

Swivels help prevent unnecessary twisting and binding of slings and attachments. This piece of lifting equipment adjusts to the movement of the load to avoid putting stress on either the lifting equipment or on the support structure.

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Swivel Specifications Equipped with Tapered Roller Thrust bearings

 Miller and Crosby Swivel

Technical Specification
Working Load Limit (metric tons) Manufacturer Model Download Specs
3 Miller 2VD2 Click Here
3 3E282 Click Here
8.5 EE-111
3 Crosby 297057 Click Here
5 297226
5 297235
8 1/2 297422
8 1/2 297431
10 297618
15 297850

Gunnebo Johnson Eye & Eye 3 Ton to 10 Ton Capacities

Technical Specification
Weight Manufacturer Model Download Specs
16 Gunnebo Johnson 7EE Click Here
30 Gunnebo Johnson 12EE
44 Gunnebo Johnson 25EE
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