Synchronous Lifting System Rental

The Synchronous Lifting System allows for true computerizes synchronous lifting and jacking. With tolerances as tight as 0.04” between the leading and lagging cylinders this system makes precision a priority. The system allows for control of up to 24 lifting points, data storage, and recording, and use with standard single or double-acting cylinders.

  • Stroke and load controlled movement for positioning and weighing
  • Load and stroke alarms for optimal safety
  • Integrated 10,000 psi hydraulic pump and controls

Synchronous Lifting System

Technical Specification
Capacity  Manufacturer Model Download Specs
 40 Gallon Enerpac 8 Point Sync System (Single or Double) Click Here
 40 Gallon Enerpac 12 Point Sync System (Single or Double)
 40 Gallon Enerpac 24 Point Sync System(Single or Double)
 500 Tons Hydra-Slide Synchronous Hydraulic Power Unit 20-4-2D Click Here
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